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Hello my name is Ebonie. I am currently a National Registered EMT working with children. I recently realized that it was time for me to explore the many options that are at hand and further my career and see which path it may lead me on.

My path has lead me to Mental Health Coaching after becoming a survivor of post partum cadiomyopathy (PPCM). Shortly after that I became a BLS- Instructor I soon realized my path was  “LIFE”. To live life, be life, embrace life, but most of all have a healthy life, so I can provide 100% of me to my family. I am a wife and a mother of three boys who will some day grow into successful men. There’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t thank God for my trials and tribulation. Because of my different paths that have some how joined forces, I’m able to be a testimony to others and help them “LIVE” the life they only dreamt about

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My Battle

Post Partum Cardiomyopathy

My depression started after giving birth to my son to find out I had developed a heart condition. Post Partum Cardiomyopathy(PPCM) and Congestive Heart Failure(CHF)

Having my body change during and after pregnancy was enough to cause depression. Now with the added heart condition? I felt useless, worthless, unpretty, I felt like death. I couldn’t function as a mother, wife, sister, daughter,

I wanted to hide from the world. But I had to fake it, because I was taught to be strong and in my mind being strong was not complaining, keep quite, put on a smile and pretend everything was okay. But that was my belief.
I had to recognize my belief controlled my actions and the way I felt about everything including my attitude. I had to change my belief, which changed my perception of strength, giving me control to make CHANGE.

To help people gain their life through my health and mental coaching. But it doesn’t stop there I teach people how to save lives, by my instructor lead CPR Classes.
“Life is what matters to me”

"Life is what matters to me"

It's Time To For A Break-Up

Dear No Confidence

We are breaking up

Dear No Energy

I'm so tired of you

Dear Lack of Self-Esteem

I need Space

Dear Depression

I don't think this is going to work

Dear Anxiety Eating

We are not each others soulmates

Dear Stress

I don't think this is going to work

Dear Old Me

I've found Someone else, It's time to focus on the NEW ME.

My Mission & Vision

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